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Yoga for Life

“We accept responsibility for ourselves when we acknowledge that ultimately there are no answers outside of ourselves, and no gurus, no teachers, and no philosophies that can solve the problems of our lives. They can only suggest, guide, inspire. Its our dedication to living with open hearts and our commitment to the day-to-day details of our life that will transform us” Judith Hanson Lasater.

Modern life keeps us in acceleration, pedal to the floor with little time for self care. The holistic practice of yoga provides us with support through individualised strategies to put the brakes on and find much needed space for mind/body connection.

With practice, yoga should lead to positive changes, as we re-pattern, relax and open-up to our lives with renewed clarity.

“Slowness of movement is the key to awareness and awareness is the key to learning…slower movement leads to more subtle observation…so that more change is possible.” Norman Doidge: The Brain That Changes Itself


A big thanks to my friend Ric Da Cunha:  for the use of his beautiful images: “to evoke calmness and deeper thought”

I’m on a journey in trying to find my voice in photography, and possibly more of myself along the way. My images aim to portray a world that I seek; one that is simple and devoid of the noise that increasingly dominates our complicated lives. I like to give my subjects space for them to breathe, just like I need to find space so that my soul can breathe. Photography gives me the silence that I increasingly desire and it’s where I restore the balance.